Our Story

President and Founder Robert Wright knew companies needed more than what most technology developers were providing and decided it was finally time to unveil the custom software applications his company had been developing for over a decade. It was then, after 13 years in the making, OREN USA was officially founded in 2006. These software solutions have been utilized for years by a variety of industries including automotive, architectural, restaurant, medical, security, general business and more and continue to revolutionize today’s businesses.

Instead of having the common mentality of building an application that forces a client or business to fit into it like most software companies, OREN USA’s goal is to create technology that is truly built for the client's business. We analyze our client's situation and work with them to establish and achieve their goals. This mentality is the driving force behind all of OREN USA’s technology and has quickly shown them to be one of the top technology solution providers for small and large businesses alike.

President & Founder, Robert Wright

Robert Wright has been in the marketing and advertising industry for most of his life. Robert has personally built over 150 software solutions and websites that have helped clients increase productivity, efficiency, and profits for businesses in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Bermuda. These tools included a wide variety of solutions from inventory management systems, security software, biometric software and more.

Robert successfully created and ran PLD, INC for 13 years which partnered with dozens of advertising agencies from around the world that marketed his products and in return won numerous awards

Robert has dedicated his time to creating new and innovative ways to truly help businesses find the tools they need to increase their success.

Vice President, Steve Graham

Steve brings over 30 years of experience in hardware & software engineering, production, product development, product management, sales & marketing and corporate management to OREN USA.  Starting out as an engineer, Steve worked his way up to become Executive Vice President and later President of a division of one of the largest laser technology companies in the world.  Steve not only brings great levels of business experience to OREN USA, but also brings his international experience gained from having lived, worked and travelled all over the world. It is with this experience that he has helped make OREN USA what it is today and is a very valuable asset to OREN USA’s team.

Our Team

OREN USA is backed by a handpicked team of talented software architects and business professionals that all work together to provide our clients with the best software and service on the market. OREN USA brings over 70 years of combined experience and success to the table when working with our clients.

Every time you work with OREN USA, you will see that out team cares about your company and we will walk through the entire process with you, making sure that you understand how to use your resources to the best of your abilities.

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