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OREN USA offers Real Estate Website SolutionsIt is time to take your real estate business to the next level. Imagine if your website could automatically help you find potential business. What if we could tell you exactly what your customers are looking for? Or, create a website for you that prospected for you while you were at your child’s school event or even while you are asleep? OREN USA brings you the next generation in Real Estate software that helps you list more homes, sell more homes, and manage your business with ease. Whether you are a broker or a Realtor, we have a solution for you.

OREN USA’s tools are easy to use and most importantly, they have been built with Real Estate Agents in mind. With OREN USA’s software you can connect directly to MLS, manage 100% of your own content, upload unlimited listings and unlimited photographs to a network of real estate websites, market to potential customers and see exactly what your clients are looking for.

Interactive Yard Signs

OREN USA has just released a state-of-the-art, patent pending, software that allows consumers to text in a code to your website with an automatic response back with listing information on the home. You will instantly receive their cell phone number, allowing you to contact them, put them into an automatic marketing campaign and more!

And the best part is...we instantly begin tracking the consumer from that moment on!  To find out more about our revolutionary Interactive Yard Signs technology, click here.

Dynamic Real Estate Websites

Would you pay an assistant to sit at a desk doing nothing all day? Why would you pay for a real estate website and let it do the same? For less than a coffee a day, you can receive our full-blown system that will dramatically change how you look at marketing. It works for you day in and day out…prospecting and tracking leads 24/7. For more information on the Dynamic Real Estate Websites click here.


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