OREN USA’s Retail Software

Bring your business into the new age with OREN USA’s newest innovation in technology! OREN USA gives you access to what consumers are looking at on your site, tracking their trends as our system automatically communicates with them, even while you sleep! Imagine a system smart enough to figure out what they want, and recommend other items they might be interested in for an instant add-on sale! 
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Interactive Sales Marketing

Imagine advertising a code for consumers on your website, on the television or in the paper to text in to receive a special discount at your store for a specific day only or have them text in for a contest…
Not only could you entice more consumers to come to your store, you instantly store their number to send out future sales, promotions, contests and more! You can set up the automatic messages you want returned to them and any automatic marketing campaigns easily from your email or phone. 
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Dynamic Retail Websites

Would you allow an associate to sit at a desk doing nothing all day?  Why allow your website to do the same? OREN USA has all the tools to bring your business to a whole new level. Your website will work day in and day out building and tracking leads to help increase your productivity and sales. For more information about OREN USA’s Dynamic Retail Websites, click here!
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