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According to statistics gathered in December 2008 the number of Americans sending text messages every month has increased by an average of 250% over the last 2 years. Ninety eight percent of all cell phones have the capability of sending and receiving SMS text messages and that number is on the rise. OREN USA has used these facts as the basis of their new SMS texting services for the automotive, real estate, retail and service industries. Marketing your business couldn’t be easier than it is now with this new service. Simply make your text codes known and let the automated campaigns that OREN USA has built take over and capture names, emails, send incentives and prizes.

Silent Sunday Salesman

The auto industry is so competitive auto dealers are looking for ways to get an edge on their competition in any way they can. With Dealer TLC’s Silent Sunday Salesman they now have an edge that no other dealer has. Consumers can text the last 8 digits of any VIN# on the car lot and instantly receive information on that vehicle on their phone. From there the dealer can setup campaigns to respond to the consumer and obtain more information or send them incentives. For more information on the Silent Sunday Salesman click here.

Digital Flyers

Nothing is more frustrating than driving by a home for sale that you really like and the info tube is empty.Well...now you can get rid of the tubes and step into the digital age of real estate technology and use OREN USA’s SMS texting service to push your home listings out to consumers. Simply put a sign rider on your yard sign with a code and the OREN USA text number and watch your listing hits go through the roof. Before, you would show up and notice the info tube is empty and not know who took the flyers. Now, you will know when someone looked at the home and get their phone number and allow you to generate instant leads. For more information on the Digital Flyers click here.

Mobile Retail Representative

The Retail Representative can be the new digital face of your company. With OREN USA’s SMS texting software you can market your business by pushing out texting codes and just sit back and watch the sales increase. The OREN USA campaign manager will allow you to acquire names, emails and other demographic information as well as offer your customers coupons and other incentives to be instantly sent to their cell phone and email address. For more information on the Retail Representative click here.

Service Assistant

Are you tired of clients missing appointments? Are you looking for new ways to reach out to current clients and recruit new clients? OREN USA has a new software solution that will answer all of these questions and provide you with everything you need to run your business more smoothly and generate more revenue at the same time. The SMS texting Service Assistant can send reminder messages about appointments, coupons for discounts and much more. Don’t let your business get stuck using old technology and use the most in depth software available. To see more information on the Service Assistant click here.

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