Let’s face it...times are rough and making some extra cash would be nice. Well, your friends here at OREN USA can help!

It’s simple...you know people, right? Friends, relatives, acquaintances... some might have their own business or know someone who does. In the technology age of today, businesses need websites to successfully market their services. We build websites... really awesome websites in fact! (
Do you see where we are going with this?)


So, here’s the deal... There are 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Create a totally free, no-hassle account below. (Be sure to read the rules.)

Step 2: You recommend one, two or hundreds of your friends, relatives or a random person to us that WANTS a website. (Make sure that they want a website, don’t send people that have no clue who we are.)

Step 3: Our customer support team will contact them (or your friend can contact us) and we will work with them to create a website for their company.

Step 4: If your friend successfully purchases one of our websites, we will send you a $500 check!

 That’s 500 big smackaroos!
If you recommend 10 friends, that’s $5,000!

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Join our myspace & facebook pages and post about us, tweet about us on twitter, and email all of your friends. Who knew makin’ some extra cash could be so easy!


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