All referrals must be pre-qualified by you before submitting them to OREN USA.

The referral must be interested in immediately obtaining a new website and the contact person at the referred company must have the authority to make the decision about the purchase of a new website.
All contact and company information on the referral form must be filled out for the referral to be considered valid.
The referral will be cross checked against OREN USA’s list of customers and potential customers to insure that the referral is not something already submitted by someone else or that the referral is not a project that is already in progress.
You will be contacted within 48 hours (Monday through Friday) after the referral has been submitted.
You will be paid a $500 finder’s fee for providing a customer contact who purchases a website.  All finder’s fee payments will be paid the month after the customer has made their final website payment.
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